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TCP-1B-CF Protector Body Bag (Case of 30) FREE SHIPPING

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TCP-1B-CF Protector Body Bag (Case of 30) FREE SHIPPING

Wholesale Body Bags - TCP-1B-CF

TCP-1B Protector Wholesale Body Bag is a new disposable body bag constructed of a proprietary formula poly and comes with a straight zipper.FREE SHIPPING ORDERS OVER $250.00

Added chemicals insure extra strength and features. Not made of inferior poly vinyl chloride as are inexpensive Chinese imports.

This American product is simply the best value available anywhere.

Measuring 36" x 90", each bag is mirror glazed for easier handling during transfers. The bags contain no chlorides nor carbon, permitting their use in crematories.

(Crematories can not burn bags that have chlorides or carbon. They pollute the environment and manufacturers caution that they can cause damage to retort chambers. )

They are non carcinogenic to health and death care workers when used for cremations.

Hand stitched and heat sealed insure superior strength and safety, they can hold 200-250 lbs, while providing containment of blood borne pathogens.

They have a cracking point of 25-32 degrees below zero, unlike many other bags that crack much higher temperatures. Most low cost bags are of inferior quality, are manufactured in China, and emit pollutants when burned.

Protector Body Bag Features:

  • American Made!

  • Contain no chlorides or carbons

  • Hand stitched and heat sealed

  • Comes with a Straight Zipper

  • Provide full containment of blood borne pathogens

  • Cracking point of 25 - 32 degrees below zero.

  • Insure conformance to OSHA , EPA & CEC Standards.

Manufactured in the USA, meeting all OSHA standards (#3130), EPA and CEC (Cremation Emission Control) standards. Available in cartons of 60 bags for immediate delivery to you nationwide from the New York metropolitan are.

Sample Body Bag Price:  TCP-1B Body Bag

  • Case Price: $390.00
  • Enter Case Qty:  30 per case = $13 ea

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